What to Look for in a Kindle Cover?

What to Look for in a Kindle Cover?

Buying a Kindle cover is a critical choice. Its not just about looks. Its about utility, proportion and quality. Check out this cheat sheet of Kindle cover essentials that will help you make the correct choice:

Kindle Covers that Look Like Books

Your Kindle is your book, rather your bookshelf or library. There are cases and covers that resemble real books. You can go for the classic vintage look where the Kindle Paperwhite case opens like a book and feels like a book but is ultralight thanks to latest technology.

Or choose a classic design or genuine leather case or a book style case to give your Kindle that classic hard back book look. Go for cases that are durable, slimline, lightweight and splash proof.

Back Cases

Check out the Dimensions First:

Basic Kindle Dimensions

Model                                          Inches                                         Millimeters
Basic Kindle 9 (2019)             6.3 × 4.5 × 0.34                                 160 × 113 × 8.7
Basic Kindle 8 (2016)             6.3 × 4.5 × 0.36                                 160 × 115 × 9.1

Back shells are designed to perfectly fit the specific model. There is a 2 mm difference that can make your Kindle slip out of the old case.

The old cases that can be used with your new Kindle are

• If your case has elastic corner straps
• If your case has elastic leather frame
• If you have a sleeve

Choose from a wide range of varieties including printed, floral colour variants, the classic vintage leather book look, the sturdy protection of a solid back shell, the soft fabric pouch and many more.

Tough and Rugged Cases

Tough and Rugged CasesGo for tough and rugged cases if you use your Kindle on the go. Tough cases are built of numerous layers of plastics, which make them robust and sturdy and protect your Kindle from scratches, bumps and drops. Go for a splash proof case and one that has the interior lined with soft microfiber to protect the e-reader from dust and scratches.

Bumper Cases

bumper cover

Bumper cases are lightweight and minimum in layout to ensure only the essentials are covered to protect your Kindle from bumps and jerks. The edges of your Kindle are covered although the front and back are exposed. Bumper covers are made from surprise-soaking up materials and are great for showing off your actual Kindle.

Folio or Flip Cases

Folio or Flip Cases

Folio opens like an e-book, covering each facet and corner of your Kindle whole area-to-edge safety. Some even have pockets for holding coins, knick knacks.


kindle leather cover
Most folio and turn cases are leather-based. They look better than plastic and age gracefully. The fabric gets a classic worn look over a protracted period. These cases also offer a solid grip.

Pouch Cases

Pouch Cases

Kindle pouches are manufactured from tender fabric, rubber and leather are intended to keep your Kindle protected from scratches and smudges. They have multipurpose uses but do keep your Kindle neatly tucked in.


Skin Cases & Covers

If you live by what’s hot and trending, you can opt for Kindle skins that reflect your favorite movie characters or artwork, camouflage, matte, stable colours, textures and lots of more. skins permit you to customize your Kindle and offer safety from scratches and smudges.

Material – Silicon and Rubber

Material – Silicon and Rubber Cover

Silicon and rubber material Kindle cases are cost-effective. They are soft and flexible and offer protection from small drops. Textured cases offer a good grip and don’t slip out of hands easily.

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